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  • adverb jargon, coalminers pertaining to the direction away from the coal face.
  • adverb A short distance away.
  • adverb outside.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

From Middle English, out + by


  • 'outbye' moors beside 'The Bower' may now be haunted by the spirit of

    Border Ghost Stories

  • 'The Bower,' far outbye on the moorland beside the Blackburn Lynn.

    Border Ghost Stories

  • They continued to walk outbye stopping occasionally for short breathers until they met James Henry, the underground manager, coming inbye with a rescue party.

    Whitehaven News headlines

  • Such was the ferocity the fire backed outbye against an air current of about 26,000 cubic feet per minute.

    Whitehaven News headlines

  • They tried to get outbye via the return airway but hastily retreated due to the heat and afterdamp.

    Whitehaven News headlines

  • Attempts to walk outbye past the friction gear were hampered by smoke coming inbye from the fire.

    Whitehaven News headlines


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