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  • v. Present participle of outcross.


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  • One way to overcome inbreeding depression is by periodically introducing new genetic variation in a process known as outcrossing, where members of the breed are mated with individuals from outside the breed.

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  • This is known as '' [[inbreeding depression]] '', and '' outcrossing '', or '' outbreeding ''

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  • '' outcrossing '', or '' outbreeding '' genetic elements and can result in heterosis.

    Citizendium, the Citizens' Compendium - Recent changes [en]

  • Plants have many adaptations that increase the likelihood of outcrossing.

    Pollination ecology of desert plants

  • Higher than ever pesticide use, and herbicide resistance, outcrossing to other species, and herbicide resistant wild radish, oats and skeleton weed in Australia has increased in paddocks that Round-Up is used on, the weed loves it!

    How to RUIN an Industry: GM WHEAT!

  • Temperature-determined outcrossing ability in wild populations of a simultaneous hermaphrodite snail.

    Parasite Rex

  • Ecological correlates of male outcrossing ability in a simultaneous hermaphrodite snail.

    Parasite Rex

  • Human populations that could benefit from outcrossing include the hemophiliac royal families of Europe, and Ashkenazic Jews Before the Holocaust, Galician parents would parade Jews of marriageable age in carriages from tiny shtetl to tiny shtetl to open up the gene pool.

    I've never had a dog.

  • Plants and animals…like humans have all sorts of mechanisms to promote outcrossing, and the study of how natural selection produces outcrossing goes right back to Darwin.

    On the evolution of Irreducible Complexity - The Panda's Thumb

  • It might require some relaxation of some breed standards to allow a certain degree of outcrossing to effect the changes, but could well be worth the effort.

    How to Speak Dog


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