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  • v. To catch bigger (or more) fish than.


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out- +‎ fish


  • The light wire will really outfish bulky coated leaders on heavily fished waters and will allow your bait to have more action.

    i love to ice fish with tip ups. any tips on it?

  • I've managed to outfish the other guys on the lake when I bust out the fly rod, so I'm sure the pros can do it.

    Fishing with "Flyconelli"

  • I usually outfish most of the people I'm with or meet on the stream, but when I don't it is because they know the stream better or are more knowledgable about which fly to use and how to fish it; not because of our reels.

    Why Do High-End Fly Reels Cost So Much?

  • People acting like its a competition when we're fishing and always doing whatever they can to outfish me.


  • My buddy said he wouldn't take me fishing with him anymore unless I promised not to outfish him ...

    Field & Stream

  • I've also always wondered why some non-natural colors outfish natural colors.

    On UV Bass Baits and How Fish See Color

  • “Twelve-pound pink Ande mono will outfish fluoro here,” he says.

    The Mid-Life Slam

  • Yes | No | Report from phconk wrote 1 week 3 days ago that still doesn't have anything to do with how we catch fish. good fisherman study and practice and have a lot of experiance. i bet any fisherman could grab a hook and a worm, and if worked correctly could outfish that thing. and if you lose that lure you would be out $35. lose the hook and worm maybe 5 cents.

    The Lure that "Forces" Fish to Eat

  • And I can outcast and outfish most guys I know who are loaded up with top of the line equipment.


  • Yes | No | Report from koeka wrote 49 weeks 4 days ago trout streams, live meal worms size 24 hook, outfish anything else in the water ......

    what is your favorite live bait for trout (i.e. waxworms, butterworms, nightcrawlers)?


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