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  • v. Simple past of outfly.


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  • His planes outflew those of the Soviets in competitions during the Cold War.

    The Lindbergh of Hobbyists

  • Nobody much liked GD back then, because the F-111 fighter-bomber had a bad rep, but their F-16 prototype outflew the Northrop contender every time.

    Hardware For Dummies: The Osprey Vs. The Hornet « Isegoria

  • Then there's the part of me that really, really wants it to actually exist, especially the version that outflew the jets.

    Wired Top Stories

  • We outflew the white crow, arriving less than two hours after our toes departed solid stone.

    Water Sleeps

  • On one such occasion, he was pursued by a flying dragon engine and outflew it, bringing it within range of one of his father's clockwork avian flocks.

    The Brothers' War

  • 'Better,' Redworth laughed joyfully, between admiration of the tongue that always outflew him, and of the face he reddened.

    Diana of the Crossways — Volume 5

  • Her excited imagination outflew even the inventions of La Corriveau.

    The Golden Dog

  • It should also be noted that the unidentified crafts outflew American aircraft, literally leaving them in the dust.

    American Chronicle

  • Thus, even though engineers had attempted to build vertical takeoff and flying wing aircraft before and had succeeded, the Roswell spacecraft, because it was so truly functional and outflew anything we had - as well as traveled in space - represented a practical technological challenge to the scientists visiting the Air Materiel Command.

    Recently Uploaded Slideshows

  • Same shit is being done to the "Tuskagee Airman" being recast by PC historian populizers, school textbooks, and media as the superhero airman of the War - who outflew all white boys and never lost a bomber they escorted not true on either account.

    Live-blogging the Democratic debate.


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