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  • adj. Flung outwards.
  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of outfling.


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out- +‎ flung

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See outfling (verb)


  • The Dragonspawn stood with hands outflung, eyes gushing wrath on Garm.

    GuildWars Edge of Destiny

  • It is that maelstrom that gives our galaxy its spiraling, dervishly outflung arms.

    Coleman Barks: Rumi's Poetry: 'All Religions, All This Singing, One Song'

  • William rolled limply onto his back, his outflung hand catching and parting the sumptuous velvet curtains that they had been standing in front of earlier, when she had first told him that the engagement was off.


  • He sat his saddle as stiffly as a statue carved from dark vehrwood, and he did not look down at the dead, but every time his charger came near to stepping on one of their outflung hands or the hems of their clothes, the knight nudged the horse aside.


  • Rose lay breathless on the cold stones as her excitement waned, with her bruised limbs outflung and gleaming in the moonlight.

    The Green-Eyed Shwemyethna

  • He described, with outflung arm, how I had abased myself to Grant on his behalf, "beseeching" if you please, and when he actually went down on the carpet and fairly grovelled, Terry didn't know where to look.


  • Margaret Lloyd, one of the earliest dance writers, called it “radiantly outflung, joyous and free ... the whole is simple and heart-warming and endearing.”

    Sophie Maslow.

  • With a little scream Clary hurled herself forwardbut Lukes outflung arm caught her across the chest like a bar of iron, holding her back.

    Cassandra Clare: The Mortal Instrument Series

  • Red-haired roller derby behbehs with middle fingers permanently outflung?

    Public Service Announcement « A Bird’s Nest

  • Sometimes he woke and watched her as she slept: the flutter of her eyelids, the slow even movement of her chest, her outflung hand, small enough that he could enclose it completely with his own. next »

    Excerpt: The Memory Keeper's Daughter by Kim Edwards


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