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  • noun A group of people excluded from or not belonging to one's own group, especially when viewed as subordinate or contemptibly different.
  • noun A group of organisms not part of the group under consideration, used for comparison when analyzing phylogenetic relationships.

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  • noun systematics In cladistics, all the taxa included in a study that do not belong to the ingroup that is of immediate interest.
  • noun sociology The group of people who do not belong to one's own social group.


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out +‎ group


  • An outgroup is an organism considered not to be part of the group in question, although it is closely related to the group.

    A Disclaimer for Behe?

  • You accuse me of going with the crowd but your position is nothing but a relic of religious influences, a mindless and incoherrent dislike of those that are different based on silly superstition and a need to create an 'outgroup' to feel you're better than.

    Making Tea For Alan Turing

  • Colorado is part of Nebraska's "outgroup" and visa versa, he said. - News Articles

  • From there, it is a short step to concluding that other, perhaps all, members of this particular outgroup are not so bad after all.

    American Grace

  • In other words, just as we found that an increase in religious bridging corresponds to warmer feelings toward religious outgroups, we might expect more bridging to lead to the full acceptance of an outgroup—those without a religion—into the national community.

    American Grace

  • First, you become friends with someone without being aware that she is a member of the outgroup.

    American Grace

  • A process by which one becomes friends with someone first, and then comes to know their religion second, is an example of a more general process by which people come to like one member of an “outgroup,” and then generalize their positive feelings to the group as a whole.

    American Grace

  • April 21st, 2010 at 2: 06 pm tombaker says: teabaggers want to maintain/restore the reign of white christian male privilege, so that privileged white christian males can continue to abuse their privileges with impunity – cheat, steal, and lie – while ensuring that anyone from an outgroup who steps out of line is harshly and immediately punished.

    Think Progress » DeMint: The tea party movement is a ‘spiritual revival.’

  • The New York Times reported earlier this week that, at a conference of Social Psychologists, Dr. Jonathan Haidt pointed out a new outgroup: conservatives.

    Born this way? Conservative bias on campus

  • If humans and dolphins share a closer common ancestor than they do with toads, then according to you the loss of legs in dolphins means we can't objectively group humans and dolphins with toads in the outgroup.

    A New Book


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