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  • v. Present participle of outmarch.


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  • At the end of the campaign, the Russians expressed their displeasure by outmarching NATO occupation forces and seizing the main airfield in Kosovo — probably hoping they could use it to split Kosovo and preserve Russian influence with the Serbs.

    Playing Games With Kosovo

  • Far behind the milling cavalry the French infantry divisions hurried to join the battle, but the Light Division was outmarching the advancing French infantry.

    Sharpe's Battle

  • Marmont itched to be moving, to be outmarching the British so he could block the road and win the victory that would tell France, Europe, the world, that Auguste Marmont had destroyed Britain's army.

    Sharpe's Sword

  • This great game of catching revolutionists napping, of catching the unconventional people in conventional poses, of outmarching and outmanoeuvring progressives till they felt like conservatives, of undermining the mines of Nihilists till they felt like the House of

    George Bernard Shaw

  • Saxe-Meiningen had written to his wife telling her that the German troops were suffering terribly from sore feet, the said troops were in point of fact lustily outmarching MacMahon's forces.

    My Days of Adventure The Fall of France, 1870-71

  • The marshal's first intention had been to direct it by way of Buzancy upon Stenay, where it would have passed the Meuse, but the Prussians, outmarching the army of Chalons, were already in Stenay, and were even reported to be at Buzancy.

    The Downfall

  • Bull with his force was to watch the garrison, attack any detachments that might be sent out -- leaving them severely alone when they sallied out in force, and to content himself with outmarching their infantry, and beating off any cavalry attacks.

    Under Wellington's Command A Tale of the Peninsular War

  • He took the bold resolution of outmarching his pursuers, pushing straight for St. Francis, striking it before succors could arrive, and then returning by Lake Memphremagog and the

    Montcalm and Wolfe

  • I had great hopes of outmarching the trader's party, as they would be delayed in Belignan by ivory transactions with the chief.

    In the Heart of Africa


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