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  • v. To punch harder or better than.


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out- +‎ punch


  • A warrior with some-more reach than many middleweights, a 6-foot-6 Kendall Grove (fighting out of Maui, Hawaii) has used his size to outpunch as well as exist a little of a divisions toughest fighters.

    Archive 2009-11-01

  • I made up my mind to knock him out and did about the dumbest thing you can do against a guy who is bigger, stronger and younger than you and outweighs you by thirty pounds: I moved inside and tried to outpunch him.

    Becoming Holyfield

  • Since Superman usually starts off a fight slow because he doesn't know how much his opponent can take, if Thor is arrogant and underrates Superman, just trying to outpunch him, he'll leave himself open to get flattened assuming, as I do, that Superman is stronger, tougher, and faster.

    Thor vs Superman - who ya got?

  • Yet there is still an expectation that as a player levels in a MMOG they should be able to go toe to toe against tougher and tougher monsters in a slug fest, until eventually they can outpunch bull elephants.


  • "Even though Disney is a small player, they outpunch their weight by the fact they have a strong known brand."

    Yahoo! News: Business - Opinion

  • If Clegg can again outpunch Cameron and Prime Minister Gordon Brown, it will all but guarantee a hung parliament, where no party wins overall control and the Liberal Democrats potentially hold the balance of power, analysts said.

    Reuters: Top News

  • Julio was supposed to play defense and wait on Kirkland to outpunch himself, .. then come on after round 5, .. but looked like he couldn't run 3 miles if you paid him, .. and Mike threw a lazy jab that made Ortiz seem like he had the reflexes of Spiderman, ..

    East Side Boxing

  • Also, as suggested by his "pound for pound" status, Pacquiao has a lot more style and skill, and Hatton probably won't have any other gameplan than trying to outpunch him.

    The Guardian World News

  • But - and bear with me a moment here - is trying to outpunch your opponent really the most ridiculous strategy to adopt in a boxing match?

    The Guardian World News

  • Germany m, ight have out produced Great Britain in metal resources and coal prior to WW1, but they never had the naval power, projection, persistence - and even resource redundnacy via colonies to ever outpunch the British.


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