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  • v. Present participle of outride.


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  • The police motorcycles performed magnificently on intersection control while the motorcycles doing the outriding maintained their assigned positions at the back of the presidential limousine and toward the curb.

    The Kennedy Detail

  • As he fled, he saw that similar scuffles were taking place on the roofs opposite, where other outriding Alwari were overpowering his remaining snipers.

    The Cat is a Metaphor

  • But when three Canadian soldiers were killed in an ambush near Kandahar a few days later, there were big black headlines, and the usual parade of grief, with outriding sound bites to sell a cheap defeatism.

    Afstan: A very "quiet surge" indeed by US/Canadian "journalism"

  • Icicles fringed every overhang, and several outriding, smaller floes cupped a protected lagoon in which two large humpbacks idled and blew.

    The Whale Warriors

  • The captain did not respond to this, and after a minute Blanky fell back to stump along beside one of the outriding Marines.

    The Terror

  • The celebrating Germans had just clinched their third equestrian team gold in as many Olympics on Tuesday, outriding and outleaping the United States and Sweden. - U.S. wins silver in show jumping contention

  • It's a long joyless ride to Metrel district then they be careful to avoid outriding patrols of the enemy on their way back to the fortress.

    Running from the Deity

  • As the ship skidded through, the outriding port and starboard auxiliary maneuvering tanks at the ship's midsection struck the ancient stonework on either side of the gate and blew up instantly, cutting the Spirit cleanly in two and destroying most of the arch as well.

    The Dragons at War

  • The heavily armored transport sleds and their outriding sliders roared northward at precarious speed, sometimes Jbarely skimming the surface of plains, hillsides, and lakes.

    The False Mirror

  • Leofric sat beside a naked young British girl, captured earlier that day by outriding scouts; her face was bruised from a blow one of the riders had given her before they raped her.

    Last Sword Of Power


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