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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of outrival.


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  • “Mark Twain, always interesting, in this book has outrivaled himself,” reported the Meriden Conn.

    Mark Twain

  • When the party finally reached New York City, after a non-incidental flight of one night and the major portion of a day, they were given another ovation -- one which far outrivaled in volume the one they had received at Panama.

    Around the World in Ten Days

  • The Argentine Republic is reputed to be the greatest producer of wool in the world, having outrivaled Australia in its annual output.

    Final Report of the Louisiana Purchase Exposition Commission

  • The Barings themselves were outrivaled, and Smithers & Co. reached the acme of their sudden glory on one occasion, when they took the new Spanish loan out of the grasp of even the Rothschilds themselves.

    Cord and Creese

  • As she stood concealed beside it, its laughter so outrivaled every other sound that she had difficulty in discerning the Howes 'approaching tread, and it was not until the distinct crackle of underbrush reached her ear that she became aware they were approaching.

    The Wall Between

  • For some little distance out of Port-of-Spain the train passed through true tropical forests of a verdure not to be outrivaled in any part of the New World.

    Plotting in Pirate Seas

  • = -- The campaign which ensued outrivaled in the range of its educational activities and the bitterness of its tone all other political conflicts in American history, not excepting the fateful struggle of 1860.

    History of the United States

  • For a young woman to dream that she meets another attired in a crimson dress with a crepe mourning veil over her face, foretells she will be outrivaled by one she hardly considers her equal, and bitter disappointment will sour her against women generally.

    What's in a Dream: A Scientific and Practical Interpretation of Dreams

  • For a young woman musician to dream that she sees another young woman on the stage clothed in sheer robes, and imagining it is her own soul in the other person, denotes she will be outrivaled in some great undertaking.

    What's in a Dream: A Scientific and Practical Interpretation of Dreams

  • Stetson, a good deal browner and sturdier-looking than when we encountered him last in "The Border Boys on the Trail"; Walt Phelps, the ranch boy, whose blazing hair outrivaled the glowing sun; and the bony, grotesque form of Professor Wintergreen, preceptor of Latin and the kindred tongues at Stonefell College, and amateur archaeologist.

    The Border Boys Across the Frontier


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