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  • Setting outward or off-shore; drawing or tending away from the land.
  • noun A beginning; start; outset.


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  • England too, is, that of giving little fortunes to young maidens in marriage with honest men of their own degree, who might, from such an outsetting, begin the world, as it is called, with some hope of success.

    Sir Charles Grandison

  • If there be a strong "outsetting tide" and you are swimming either by yourself or having hold of a person who cannot swim, then get on your back and float till help comes.

    The Home Medical Library, Volume I (of VI)

  • This our last answer we send unto hir with the Lord Ruthven and Laird of Pittarrow; requiring of hir Grace, in plane wordis, to signifie unto us what houpe we myeht have of hir favouris toward the outsetting of religioun.

    The Works of John Knox, Vol. 1 (of 6)

  • These obtrude upon the original aim of the book and absorb the action of the story in such a measure that Timme often for whole chapters and sections seems to forget entirely the convention of his outsetting.

    Laurence Sterne in Germany A Contribution to the Study of the Literary Relations of England and Germany in the Eighteenth Century

  • He slid this off the float, loaded into it sundry boxes and packages, and taking his seat astern, paddled inshore to where the rising tide was ruffled by the outsetting current of a river.

    The Hidden Places

  • It was equally wasteful, too, for birds and beasts of prey fattened upon it and the outsetting current bore a burden of derelicts.

    The Winds of Chance

  • Write as though the Jung-i-Lat Sahib himself had come by stealth with a vast army outsetting to war. '


  • This was one of Ford's peg-drivings for the day; and another was timed for the moment of outsetting.

    Empire Builders

  • This for the outsetting: light-hearted badinage, a fair summer afternoon, a zephyrish breeze coming in tiny cat's-paws out of the north-west, and a cloudless sky.

    The Price

  • I'm here this morning to save you some of them; to take the man's part in your outsetting, or as much of it as I can.

    The Grafters


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