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  • n. The state or condition of being an outsider.


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outsider +‎ -hood


  • In the novel Oe illustrates the concept of liminality developed by the cultural anthropologist Victor Turner, the "betwixt-and-between" state characterized by invisibility, outsiderhood, and marginality, yet also the locus of great potential for renewal.

    Kenzaburo Oe: Laughing Prophet and Soulful Healer

  • The racism, I think, is on at least three levels: the characters' (which is crude), Maugham's (which is nuanced by his own sense of outsiderhood), and the moviemakers', which is, as you say, unexamined--they didn't know how to depict Asians except by using stereotypes.


  • He will hit the road, and the talk-show circuit, to trumpet his outsiderhood and to taunt Dole and Clinton.

    Stewing On The Sidelines

  • This time, ticket balancing will require a whiff of outsiderhood.

    Hunting The Angry Voter

  • Tennessee Republican Sen. Bill Frist, a physician and friend who ran for office last year bragging about his Washington outsiderhood, demonstrated a mastery of the D.C. duck-and-cover.

    Foster Follies

  • Therefore, it has nothing original or unique to say about cloning except in the most general way of being a fascinating portrait of outsiderhood.

    Never Let Me Go

  • I was saying, 'Look, the Silver Jews are shedding outsiderhood, ­coming inside where it's warm.'

    The Guardian World News

  • She's "more or less" his own age and more or less a girl, who insists they can't be friends but seems to want to, and also seems to have her own unique burdens of outsiderhood to bear - most significantly, yes, that she's an eternal being who feasts on human blood.

    Colorado Springs Independent


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