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  • transitive v. To extend or cause to extend outward.
  • n. Something, such as an outcropping of rocks, that extends outward.

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  • n. Something that extends outwards, especially such an outcrop of rock
  • v. To extend outwards

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  • n. an outcropping of rock that extends outward


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

From out + thrust.


  • His arms were crossed, and he stood hipshot, his brows raised, his chin outthrust.

    Crimson Wind

  • When I was seven years old, my grandparents gave me a Dungeons & Dragons boxed set, the basic edition with an Erol Otus cover on which a spear-wielding fighter in purple armor and a fireball-hurling magic-user, one leg outthrust from her scarlet robes, confront a green dragon on the edge of a subterranean lake.

    Archive 2010-07-01

  • Then he glared like a mad marmoset, one finger outthrust.


  • Azran dove, sword outthrust for assault against the hordes of the Dragon Emperor.


  • He hoped the creature did not intend to lead him all the way along the outthrust piece of earth that the crystal Dragon claimed as his.


  • It's like saying "I don't like broccoli" with a defiant outthrust chest.

    "U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg had surgery today for pancreatic cancer."

  • She stood now with jaw outthrust and hands on hips.


  • Philip II's rich ceremonial armor appear in portraits of his heirs and successors as symbols of continuity and power, while Rubens's posthumous portrait of Philip himself seems to rely as much on his distinctively ­ornamented armor as on that outthrust Hapsburg lower jaw to establish identity.

    Armor as Wearable Sculpture

  • I've had it with Stritch, who's trading on the legend of being the Last of the Broadway Broads and demanding tribute with every outthrust of her arms.

    Emmy Notes: James Wolcott

  • "Of course I reject it out of hand!" bellowed Nagel at such volume that the children froze in their place, gaping at him, their spears in an outthrust position.

    Darkness of the Light


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