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  • v. Past participle of outwear.
  • adj. No longer acceptable, usable, or practical: an outworn penal code; outworn clothes.

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  • v. Past participle of outwear
  • adj. no longer usable
  • adj. worn out
  • adj. out of date


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  • But empire demands discipline, the coordination of all forces and a deeply felt sense of duty and sacrifice: this fact explains many aspects of the practical working of the regime, the character of many forces in the State, and the necessarily severe measures which must be taken against those who would oppose this spontaneous and inevitable movement of Italy in the twentieth century, and would oppose it by recalling the outworn ideology of the nineteenth century – repudiated wheresoever there has been the courage to undertake great experiments of social and political transformation; for never before has the nation stood more in need of authority, of direction and order.

    Coalition of the Willing, to Power « raincoaster

  • For them, the slogans of antifascism were not "outworn" — indeed, they had, perhaps, even more emotional resonance when the fascist menace seemed to have infected their America and to threaten them personally.

    Caught in the Crossfire: Adrian Scott and the Politics of Americanism in 1940s Hollywood

  • An objection is not "outworn" until answered, and to speak of the demise of a generally accepted theory is hardly scientific.

    The Evolution of Man Scientifically Disproved In 50 Arguments

  • Davis might aid such a move as a consideration for recognition, and certainly Seward was too busy with his own troubles to intervene on behalf of an "outworn" Monroe Doctrine.

    Expansion and Conflict

  • Do not be misled - Populism is not some kind of outworn relic of an agrarian past, an aberrant philosophy of the unwashed, bitter and resentful. Home Page

  • Any obstinate clinging to outworn doctrines, whether of religion or politics or morality or of science, are equally damning and equally damnable.

    Dana Ullman: Disinformation on Homeopathy: Two Leading Sources

  • "The discovery of reality will continue only if we abandon outworn forms," Robbe Grillet writes.

    Translated Texts

  • True, they have tried, but their efforts have been cast in the pattern of an outworn tradition.

    Matthew Yglesias » Optimism Inversion

  • For Mr. Corning, the biosocial contract has "the legitimacy of science" behind it and is a great advance on what he calls "a fantasy based on some simplistic view of human nature or some outworn nineteenth-century ideology," such as socialism or capitalism.

    A New Social Contract

  • When science is poised to solve every remaining mystery and technology unfolds every new convenience, why should we keep any allegiance to an outworn worldview?

    Deepak Chopra: The Atheist's Mistake


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