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  • n. See oophorectomy.

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  • n. Surgical removal of one or both ovaries.

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  • n. Ovariotomy.

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  • n. surgical removal of one of both ovaries


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ovary +‎ -ectomy


  • Mayo Clinic neurologist and epidemiologist, and lead study author, proposes two possible theories to explain the increased risk: 1) low estrogen due to the ovary removal leads to decreased protection of a woman’s brain from cognitive decline, or 2) the ovariectomy is innocent and variations in the genes a woman is born with dictate the need for ovary removal and also prompt development of dementia or cognitive impairment.

    Ovary Removal Surgery Elevates Risk of Dimentia | Impact Lab

  • Sterilization procedures (spay, ovariectomy or ovariohysterectomy for females, neuter or castration for boys) can actually be darn pricey when they're not heavily subsidized by your tax dollars or by private foundations.

    Pets' needs should dictate vets' prices for spaying, neutering

  • The current treatment is often not sufficient to get women who have ovariectomy through the age of natural menopause, especially if the surgery is performed at a young age.

    Ovary Removal Surgery Elevates Risk of Dimentia | Impact Lab

  • As for me, I want to take any test that'll help zero in on my odds of developing breast or ovarian cancer, knowing that I'll gain information to help me make impactful health decisions (e.g. if the test showed the mutation, I could be more diligent with self breast exams or, more drastically, choose a pre-emptive mastectomy or ovariectomy).

    Beth Kohl: Genetics and the Politics of Discrimination

  • Because of this interrelationship between the pituitary and the gonads, the failure of the pituitary to hold up its end is as surely asexualizing as castration or ovariectomy would be.

    The Human Brain

  • Those dogs not intended for breeding should be sterilized (ovariectomy or ovariohysterectomy) before their first estrus (heat).

    The Seattle Times

  • Mare: - granulosa cell tumours are the most common neoplasm in the mare, and the most common indication for ovariectomy - ovary palpates 10-40 cm; unlike cow, it tends to stop growth in size at about 40 cm Clinical Signs Vary: - male-like 45% - anestrus 30% - nymphomania 25%

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  • Because cost is almost always an important factor in how medical treatments are administered, a laparoscopic ovariectomy brings several considerations to bear. News

  • "It may even be that the long-term need for drug therapy could equal the cost of something like an ovariectomy," Brown said. News

  • Fiona was a recent rescue, and her caretakers at the horse sanctuary wanted to remove any breeding potential before offering her out for adoption; therefore, they elected to have Adams and Brown perform a laparoscopic ovariectomy. News


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