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  • In ceramics, exposed to too great a heat in firing.


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  • This includes fragments of huge vats filled with residue from the production of a grain-based food, probably some sort of porridge, and the firebars used to support the vats, as well as pottery-making tools and over-fired "wasters."

    Interactive Dig Hierakonpolis - Hierakonpolis 2008 - Field Note 2

  • For lime produced by less sophisticated methods, which may contain only 55% quick lime (the rest being made up of unfired or over-fired components), the proportion must be increased.

    Chapter 7

  • Before collection or despatch, under - and over-fired bricks must be discarded and the remainder, if of variable quality, should be sorted out into good quality, ‘seconds’ and soft-fired bricks.

    Chapter 10

  • "When the lassie is a bit over-fired and excited, she doesn't know what she is saying."

    The Road to Mandalay A Tale of Burma

  • What we would be looking at would be things like doing some more over-fired area that some of our power plants, potentially some reinjections.

  • De-rating is an option for an over-fired boiler, usually the result of successive burner replacements, each with a larger firing rate due to multiple margins of safety added by inexperienced contractors.

    CSE - Top Articles

  • "We felt early on that most of the investment banks and smaller boutique firms had over-fired in the beginning of the recession and would realize within months that they had nobody to do the work," said Trudy Steinfeld, executive director of the NYU Wasserman career center.

    Crain's New York Business - Breaking News Feeds

  • They over-fired a number of wood stoves and cracked them.

    The Oil Drum - Discussions about Energy and Our Future

  • Already we have observed the presence of an additional workspace/room that appears to connect to the structure excavated in 2004. the material uncovered contains many items related to production activity, including; tools (a comb, hairpin, scraper, grinding stone, and many fragments of moulds), over-fired wasters of table wares and figurines, kiln spacers (clay pieces used to separate vessels when stacked in the kiln), and incredible amounts of pottery (a significant portion of which is moulded). the study of this material in future campaigns will offer critical information related to the operations of the workshop.

    Interactive Dig Sagalassos - Potter's Quarter Report 2

  • 3 Additional savings of up to 5% are quite possible if boiler is over-fired, or modulating burner linkage settings need to be adjusted.

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