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  • adj. activated too often, or to too great a degree


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over- +‎ activated


  • Brain-imaging studies show us that the brain's attention center is overactivated in relation to the dreaded outcome; thus we may be able to practice alternate foci of attention and build new brain pathways that are focused on what we want rather than what we do not want.

    Srinivasan Pillay: The Moral Brain: 5 Tips for Transcending Moral Dilemmas

  • Here is a short list of the effects of an overactivated stress response over the long term.10 I list these here just to show you the extent of the research and our understanding of how stress negatively affects us and our brains.

    The UltraMind Solution

  • However, in the modern world this system is overactivated.

    The UltraMind Solution

  • Brain scans are now showing that when dyslexics try to decipher words, certain areas in the back of the brain are underactivated, while other areas in the front are overactivated.

    Dyslexia And The New Science Of Reading

  • At the other end of the curve, athletes are overactivated or too stimulated to concentrate.

    Find Your Focus Zone

  • We accept as normal a chronic state of being either overactivated or exhausted.

    Find Your Focus Zone

  • It has been suggested that, if these brain regions are overactivated, then investors will display the irrational behavior often observed in real markets.


  • "Some cancers require the pathways to be overactivated for the cells to survive," Anderson said. Top Stories

  • In addition, microglia become overactivated and actually begin to damage healthy brain cells.

    The Globe and Mail - Home RSS feed

  • When faced with chronic stress and an overactivated autonomic nervous system, people begin to see physical symptoms.

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