overanalytical love


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  • adj. Tending to overanalyze.


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  • It's the product of a stunted, overanalytical mind that demands unfairly that all ancient art, art which is by nature expressive and non-rational, must be reduced to purely non-religious origins and meanings, even when a religious interpretation is wholly unavoidable given a competent understanding of greater context.

    The myth of the secular

  • I had friends that thought I was being harsh and overanalytical.

    Where The Wild Things Are ā€“ movie review

  • Intellectual women can also be cynical, overanalytical, and judgmental if theyre not carefultheyre accustomed to trusting their heads, not their hearts.

    Become Your Own Matchmaker

  • The unindulged life is not worth living -- there's a thought for the end of this overanalytical, overanxious century. ''

    Macanudos On The Rocks

  • I would have taken it at face value and been very flattered if it weren't for that suspicious name of his and my overanalytical mentality which gave me the hasty impression that this was some sort of joke at my expense similar to what Language Hat's peanut-gallery commenters were doing to me recently.

    Archive 2008-07-01

  • Ruby's overanalytical, fast-paced and authentic narration will win over new devotees, while her loyal fans will no doubt hope for more.

    Publication Day

  • This is exactly the kind of note that, if remembered, will force an overanalytical owner to bid too much come March.

    USATODAY.com - Things to remember from September

  • Precise herbed-lamb packets amid art nouveau swirls of asparagus noodles, a lacy tuile that adds a peekaboo seductivity to potato gnocchi -- Martin's presentations are bold and beautiful, yet his flavor pairings are almost maddeningly subtle, driving overanalytical foodies to despair.

    chicagotribune.com - News

  • Even if you have to lie to yourself big-time, while your low-self esteem, overanalytical brain is saying 'I don't believe it' You fire back - I am worth it, Just Because.

    Popular Posts Across MetaFilter

  • Maybe Iā€™m being overanalytical, but then again, I also wanted to be a garbage truck (not driver) when I was younger; I should probably attribute some element of this to Oscar.

    And neither one wears pants.


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