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  • n. The act of overapplying.


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  • Punishment fits the crime for punishment fits the crime proctor's overapplication.

    Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror: Borderlands 02 - Stephen Dedman

  • But as Frasca, Mateas, and I have argued, the real disagreeent seems to be one between ludology and narrativism, or the overapplication of story to games.

    Against Exceptionalism: A New Approach to Games

  • The purpose of the N-Trak system was to reduce the overapplication of nitrogen fertilizer in cornfields, saving money for the farmer and reducing nitrogen runoff and the resulting environmental problems.

    Diffusion of Innovations

  • "Certainly the overapplication of pesticides is one of them."

    NYT > Home Page

  • And when there's severe pressure to maximize yields, such as that faced by U.S. corn farmers, heavy overapplication becomes a matter of survival.

    Grist - the latest from Grist

  • While computerized systems seek to reduce the overapplication or misuse of care, they do little to prompt greater and more widespread health-care practices that are known to be effective.

    Extreme Wisdom

  • Not to forget, but #3, Nazi Pelosi has clearly damaged her frontal lobes through overapplication of botox.

    Latest Articles

  • More to the point, this overapplication of evolutionary frames to public and social dynamisms functions above all else to evacuate politics of their actually definitive normativity, reducing them from a contestation of "ought" assertions to a contestation of "is" assertions.

    amor mundi

  • The promiscuous overapplication of the figure of "evolution" to practices of knowledge making, meaning making, order making seems to me to be little more than bad, unoriginal, and mostly unilluminating doggerel poetry, and I disapprove it as such.

    amor mundi

  • Agriculture experts and government officials told investigators that raised concerns about overapplication of manure to cropland in those areas and the release of excessive levels of pollutants.

    Original Signal - Transmitting Buzz


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