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  • adj. Sports Executed with the arm raised above the shoulder; overhand: an overarm throw.
  • adj. Sports Of, relating to, or being a stroke in swimming that is begun with the arm lifted and stretched forward over the shoulder.
  • transitive v. To supply (a nation, for example) with an excess of weaponry, especially nuclear missiles.

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  • adj. Throwing while having the hand above the elbow
  • adv. Having the hand above the arm at the time of throwing


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over- +‎ arm


  • I feel like taking a baseball bat to the lot of them, although even then I'd probably pick an unfashionable brand of bat, or somehow manage to knock their brains out in a cluelessly passe kind of way – using an underarm swing when the overarm swipe's more "now", perhaps – and everyone would sneer at me, including the arresting officer.

    Charlie Brooker's Screen burn: What Not To Wear

  • Samuel immediately reached for a stone that was roughly the size of a cricket ball, took a breath, and threw it overarm at the boxes of bottles.

    The Gates

  • A pitcher (known as the bowler), surrounded by fielders, throws a leather ball in an overarm action onto the ground toward a batter (batsman).

    Financier Has Been 'All Out' With Traditional Cricket Fans

  • Yokozuna Hakuho nailed ozeki Kotooshu with a huge left-hand overarm throw to close out the Nagoya Grand Sumo Tournament with a perfect 15-0 record on Sunday.

    Hakuho Wins Nagoya Grand Sumo Tournament

  • I tossed the pager overarm out in front of the car.


  • “You will have more success if you throw overarm,” a voice said from directly behind her.

    No Man's Mistress

  • So had teaching her how to throw a ball overarm, especially cozying up behind her to demonstrate the correct motion of the arm with her.

    No Man's Mistress

  • Viola watched him lope up to the near wickets, throw the ball in one fluid overarm motion, and shatter the far wickets every time.

    No Man's Mistress

  • It smoothed out the waterfalls and the chutes, so that instead of dropping down them and plummeting below the surface of the pool beneath he slid down them with a smooth rush, holding his position in the face of the wave with a few quick overarm strokes or a kick of the legs.

    The Seventh Scroll

  • With the end of the rope held between his teeth he swam the last short distance with a furious overarm crawl, just beating the current's attempt to sweep him away downstream.

    The Seventh Scroll


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