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  • n. excessive arousal


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over- +‎ arousal


  • Second, it produced an excess of glutamate, the primary excitatory neurotransmitter in the brain, leading to a persistent state of overexcitation or overarousal.

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  • Although, on a theoretical level, other physicians and scientists have considered Dr. Kinsbourne's overarousal model as an explanation for autism's behavior, a mercury-produced glutamate excess is not a probable explanation for overarousal.

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  • ASD symptoms may be a reflection of an excitatory-inhibitory imbalance, but no proof of any biological overarousal when the symptoms are observed.

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  • Dr. Kinsbourne asserted that mercury-induced neuroinflammation caused excitotoxicity, which manifested as overarousal of individuals with

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  • ASD is not new, but it has never been widely accepted because there is no evidence linking the behaviors Dr. Kinsbourne attributed to overarousal to physiological measurements of hyperexcitability.

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  • "What we are seeing is hyperexcitability or overarousal of the amygdala, which suggests that neurons in the amygdala are firing more than expected," said Kleinhans, who is associated with the UW Autism Center.

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  • "Look for clear autonomic overarousal," explained Dr Slater.

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  • The HSP becomes easily overwhelmed in new environments as the nervous overarousal is usually experienced as anxiety leading eventually to the feeling of being overwhelmed.

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  • It is also possible to experience empathic overarousal because one is emotionally so overwhelmed by one's empathic feelings that one is unable to be concerned with the suffering of the other (Hoffman


  • Your family’s brains may have built up a tolerance—called habituation—to a chronic state of mild overarousal while watching TV.

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