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  • adj. Excessively attentive


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

over- +‎ attentive


  • One of them is being able to dump your drink in the grass after your overattentive cater waiter refills your vodka glass with water.

    Far From the Hamptons

  • The candles, the music, the overattentive waiters—that stuff was amazing enough.

    In the Time of Bobby Cox

  • It's scary but I'm an overattentive sahm and I've found mystery bruises on The Baby when I undress her at night, with no CLUE as to when she got hurt.

    Internal Wrestling Match

  • Zoë's name is not, apparently, ironic; as Brookner girls go, she is quite vivacious, and she has an observant eye that enables her swiftly to spot a moral flaw or a show of vanity in others; her mother's rich and well-meaning cousins are lambasted for being lazy, spoiled, and overattentive to their appearance.

    The Mistress of Gloom

  • The cook left; the boys had a disease called roseola; Agnes, who was still drunk with her engagement, was of no assistance, but kept flying up to London to push Rickie's fortunes; and, to crown everything, the matron was too bright and not motherly enough: she neglected the little boys and was overattentive to the big ones.

    The Longest Journey

  • Sometimes it is lawlessness, sometimes overattentive law enforcement.

    NYT > Home Page

  • Oh, because it is OBVIOUS that Steele is talking about Demoncrats and the DNC and the national liberal media that takes special zeal in thier overattentive denegrating, name calling, and racial innuendos about all black republicans!

    The Nation: Top Stories

  • I found the service to be extremely overattentive at the hostess station when we first arrived to the point of annoying.

    Recent Reviews Near San Francisco, CA

  • This overweight, overpaid, overattentive, over-annoying waste of life has spent the past two days giving me so much shit that I almost had a mental breakdown, and now she wants to make it better ... with Twizzlers?

    bluemeany Diary Entry

  • We know from daily life the timid, undecided man who cannot come to a will impulse; the hasty man who rushes towards decisions; the inattentive man who can never focus his consciousness; and the overattentive man who can never dismiss any subject; the indifferent man on whom nothing produces evident impression and feeling; the over-sensitive man who reacts on slight impressions with exaggerated emotion; and yet every one of such and a thousand similar variations, needs only the projection on a larger scale to demonstrate a mental life which is self-destructive.



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