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  • v. Present participle of overawe.


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  • And he puts forward a description of two institutional settings within which social action takes place: the state of nature, where no "overawing" political institutions exist; and the sovereign state, where a single sovereign power imposes a set of laws regulating individuals' actions.

    Hobbes an institutionalist?

  • Like any people with a larger and busier government overawing the private sector and civil society?

    Matthew Yglesias » Where Do Rich Lowry and Ramesh Ponnuru Get Their Policy Models From

  • That Washington, a city of white marble palaces with splendid staircases, overawing halls and ornate assembly rooms, still rules how many people think of today's Washington.

    Architecture: Comparing Paul Philippe Cret and John Carl Warnecke

  • A lot of boys liked to say they had had sex, and how many times, and with how many girls, but it was an ironic thing that with the proof came overawing dread.

    King boy

  • At its most specific and physical, our contemporary vision is based on the aged and fragile remnants of the old Wunderkammern, which appear to us intimate, tactile and many-layered, with apparently whimsical taxonomies which depended on the personal world-view of the collector - very different from the sublime and overawing superstructure of the museums which they later became.

    Archive 2008-11-01

  • That is atypical, to be sure, the church is large and overawing to the uncertain group singer — i.e., to most non-Protestant Americans.

    Leap Year -- Day

  • Different if not startling, stimulating if not overawing.

    The Lives of Felix Gunderson

  • He received her with an air of haughty affability which, to a spirit open and liberal as that of Cecilia, could not fail being extremely offensive; but too much occupied with the care of his own importance to penetrate into the feelings of another, he attributed the uneasiness which his reception occasioned to the overawing predominance of superior rank and consequence.


  • Yet he helped engineer the overawing of all reality checks as part of his effort to reclaim "lost" powers for the executive branch.

    Jay Rosen: The Retreat from Empiricism and Ron Suskind's Intellectual Scoop

  • Liberal societies are built on the belief in (and defense of) individual rights, but also on the overawing power of government to transform natural rights into civil ones.

    Ron Paul and Foreign Policy


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