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  • In watch-making, a term used to describe slip or lost motion in an escapement, whereby the balance-wheel loses a beat. It may be caused by a swaying motion of the watch or by unskilful winding.

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  • adjective geology Describing sediments deposited on a floodplain from suspensions in floodwaters


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  • "overbank" by using the rudder attached to the back of the tail fin.

    Dandelion Salad

  • The fish fossils arose via overbank flooding, yet without understanding the geomorphology of the region one might be lead to think that the environment was much wetter than it actually was.

    Ardipithecus ramidus: The Geological, Environmental, and Taphonomic Background - The Panda's Thumb

  • During periods of high stream discharge overbank flow may occur.


  • The downstream discharge at the Shabelle river is decreasing rapidly due to losses from seepage, evaporation, overbank spillage due to a low channel capacity, and water abstractions before the flow usually ends in the wetlands beyond Sablaale.

    Water profile of Somalia

  • They often developed in areas of fine-grained overbank or slack-water deposits where sedimentation rates were relatively low.

    Ecoregions of Mississippi (EPA)

  • Soils are mostly gray to black Vertisols, developed from clayey alluvium of overbank or slack-water deposits.

    Ecoregions of Louisiana (EPA)

  • Soils developed from clayey alluvium including overbank and slack-water deposits; they commonly have a high shrink-swell potential and are locally rich in organic material.

    Ecoregions of Arkansas (EPA)

  • On top of this old riverbed deposit, fine overbank deposits accumulated in later periods.

    Interactive Dig Sagalassos - Geomorphology Report 1

  • The clerk at the overbank counter in the Port terminal was human, but that didn't prevent him from maintaining his composure at the sight of a dirty, ragged youth approaching.

    Orphan Star

  • The bath occupied most of the rest of the hour, and when he returned to the overbank desk he once more resembled a human being instead of a denizen of Hivehom's jungles.

    Orphan Star


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