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  • v. Simple past of overblow.


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  • When the pandemic first appeared, the press completely overblew the whole affair, but now it seems quite the opposite, with very little information being available on even the basic information such as the number of new cases per week.

    Just one in twenty always wear masks for swine flu prevention

  • The police and politicians overblew the story and contributed to the panic.

    The Boston non-bombs.

  • Just like Clay took one decent point -- the "Residents' number is bad" -- and overblew his point as badly as he was accusing the press of overblowing their points, you're taking some good observations about SL's economic issues and interweaving them with hyperbole.

    SL Economy Misunderstood Again

  • Now maybe I overblew the case a little (BG) but you get my drift.

    Vespa Dealership Opens at

  • SHELBY: Well, I don't think the administration overblew that.

    CNN Transcript Jul 13, 2003

  • The ship started very well, but the wind "overblew the tide"; she caught in the dock-gates, and settled hard upon the ground, so that there was no possibility of launching her that day.

    Men of Invention and Industry

  • The 21st the wind came northerly and overblew, so that we were constrained to bend our course south again, for we perceived that we were run into a very deep bay, where we were almost compassed with ice, for we saw very much towards the north-north-east, west, and south-west; and this day and this night we cleared ourselves of the ice, running south-south-west along the shore.

    Voyages in Search of the North-West Passage

  • Eno: Well, I hate to disagree with you, Al, but I think while the MSM certainly overblew it (what's new, eh?), I REALLY think we all need to get over the Millen thing and move on.

    Out of Bounds

  • Definitely seems like the Sentinel overblew Tiger's injuries.

    Waggle Room

  • He was also screaming out loud about the fact that team Libby won the right to Cooper’s notes, and overblew what the judge said about them.

    Firedoglake » Sunday Talking Head Thread


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