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  • v. Past tense of overbear.

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  • adj. relating to the situation where the capacity of the burning cartridge powder is more than the volume within the barrel.


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over- +‎ bore


  • I forgot to mention that touching off the 7mm whateveritis can be fun, but not too often, as "overbore" has it's own checks and balances system - like knife hunting for hogs.

    The Great Overbore Conundrum

  • I really don't think most 'overbore' hunters are power crazy at heart; they're just going for any edge they can get.

    The Great Overbore Conundrum

  • Mag. or .375 H&H Mag. are more than adaquate, possibly a bit "overbore", but who cares with something big and mean enough to put you in a world of hurt?

    The Great Overbore Conundrum

  • I agree, that a 338 does not need the 26 barrel of the overbore speedsters, it is a true mid-bore and you can tell that just by the powders that work best for it; like Reloader 19 and 4350 (Hodgdon, IMR, Microsoft, take your pick).

    Rifles of Interest: Remington Model 700 Custom Shop AWR II

  • The cartridges are, by most everyone's definition, much more overbore than the competition.

    Some Rifle Barrels are Faster than Others

  • I've forsaken my overbore Loudenboomers for cartridges that perform well without burning a cupful of powder.

    If You could have just one rifle...

  • Both are overbore, both burn a lot of powder, BUT the Dakota looks (and probably is) more efficient and works in a shorter action.

    What is the best cartridge for long range hunting? For deer through elk size game.

  • By the way the Weatherby guy says it all, his calibers are extreme overbore and very throat erosive with little gain over 7mm rem or .300 win mag, however these 2, in particular the BIG 7, take the concept of a comfortable shooting, shoulder fired, magazine feed weapon, in comfortable carrying weight to a perfect balance.

    Two Cases Where Bigger Isn't Better

  • I've also seen another good visual example of differences between acceptable and overbore cartriges for folks (like me) who don't own a crono.

    The Great Overbore Conundrum

  • Once upon a time, the worst thing you could say to a rifleman was that his cartridge of choice was overbore.

    The Great Overbore Conundrum


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