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  • v. Present participle of overbreed.


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  • According to Dan, killing people with pollution is the work of an "overbreeding," "Neocon right-wing hypocrite" who kills "in the name of God."


  • They were already doing all they could to save an ever-increasing number of animals whom the public has essentially discarded by overbreeding, under-spaying, never neutering, and rarely vaccinating.

    Gary Weitzman, DVM: Saving Puppies

  • Or is this an issue less about pit bulls and more about overpopulation due to overbreeding?

    Should Pit Bulls Be Banned?

  • And speaking of Idiocracy, the one problem I had with it was its mechanism of idiocy — basically an argument about the overbreeding of low quality characters.

    Matthew Yglesias » Jessica Valenti on Anti-Feminists and So-Called “Hook-up Culture”

  • And in West Virginia, the Charleston Gazette editorializes about a "human swarm" that is "overbreeding" in a way that "prosperous, well-educated families" from the developed world do not.

    And Baby Makes Seven Billion

  • Because if men are left to go on in the way they are going, all the trees and animals and grains will be obliterated in an orgy of violent conflict and overbreeding.

    What does feminism mean for you? « Gender Across Borders

  • Certainly, but rapacious and overbreeding for their ecological niche.

    ubiquitous bunnies

  • The "haves" will have the educations (and, y'know, lots and lots of cult inculcation/brainwashing, overbreeding, etc.), and the "have-nots" will continue to populate "the service industry."

    Your Right Hand Thief

  • Snowman presumes himself to be the last man alive on earth, after Crake lets loose a plague -- embodied in the pill BlyssPluss -- to replace the human race, overbreeding its way to extinction anyway, with a placid, green-eyed, grass-eating, ultraviolet ray-immune race of humans called the Crakers, whom he has produced in his Paradice Labs.

    Anis Shivani: The Best Books of the Decade

  • She was a eugenicist who sought to eliminate the inferior races, believing poverty stemmed from ignorance and overbreeding, and sought to breed a master race through controlled breeding of the elite classes.

    Maddow, Olbermann & Shock Troops for the Radical Right


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