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  • adj. Excessively busy; officious.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

over- +‎ busy


  • "Hendricks's gentle humor and vivid depictions of island and communal life put a little sugar on the unfortunate and overbusy plot."

    The Laws of Harmony by Judith R. Hendricks: Book summary

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    A little humor from an overbusy blogger

  • I appreciate the concern -- my struggles with completing any fiction mostly have to do with having had a rather overbusy and unsettled life for a while now.

    The Affirmation

  • What overbusy, underbrained worms these people must be.

    "insulted by cretins"

  • All the nurses in town who will take smallpox cases are overbusy now, for the epidemic is still raging there.

    Chronicles of Avonlea

  • But the poor woman, not able to rest, and with recourse either to her overbusy family doctor or to the overburdened, careless, out-patient department of some hospital, drags along with her troubles year in and year out, becomes old before her time, and loses through constant pain and distress the freshness of life.

    The Nervous Housewife

  • An hour of panting and blasphemous pursuit, at the very outset of an overbusy day.

    His Dog

  • For he, too, was lonesome, much of the time, as is the fate of a sickly only child in an overbusy home.


  • She was overbusy and overtaxed, and her thoughts were naturally drawn towards the difficult problems of daily living.

    Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm

  • Gradually, however, Mendelssohn's overbusy musical enthusiasm wore down his health, and at thirty-seven he was nearing the end of his marvellous vitality and vivacity.

    The Love Affairs of Great Musicians


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