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  • verb poker Simple past tense and past participle of overcall.


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  • East overcalled the obvious four spades, and South's double was showing values rather than purely for penalty.

    The best played deal of the Lederer

  • Of course, if North showed out the contract would fail – but how could North, who had a singleton club, also have a singleton heart and not have overcalled West's opening bid of one club?

    To overcall or not?

  • North relayed with an artificial bid of two spades, East overcalled three diamonds, South passed to show a minimum and North took a slight gamble when he bid three no trumps, but he was expecting a real opening from his vulnerable partner rather than a nine count.

    Team Monaco win the Spingold

  • South overcalled one spade and West doubled, showing some values with four cards in hearts.

    The curse of the bridge commentator

  • Allfrey overcalled one spade with the North cards, while John Howard for Hinden passed.

    To overcall or not?

  • North overcalled three spades and South raised her to four – the heavy pre-empt had done its work by pushing the opponents into a game that could not make.

    A thrilling tie

  • North overcalled one spade, for which East silently thanked him.

    Enduring success

  • East overcalled two spades to show hearts and a minor, and the bidding developed at a frenetic pace before the Polish East player decided that her opponents' contract of five spades might very well make, so she "sacrificed" over it in six diamonds.

    The fearlessness of youth

  • North overcalled with one spade and East supported his partner's hearts by one means or another.

    How to make a slam while losing two tricks

  • He overcalled one diamond, and when his opponents reached four spades by North he sacrificed against it in five diamonds, just as I had.

    Credit where credit's due


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