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  • n. A card higher than any other card or pair. Often used in reference to the community cards in Texas hold 'em


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  • If you hold a pocket pair and bet into the same card with an overcard (1010 vs. A10) you hold roughly a 65/35 edge.

    Boost Your Texas Hold’em Poker Profits With A Preflop Strategy | Poker Hands

  • Every card on the board is an overcard to your pair, and your only real option is to check-raise and hope your opponent folds, or bet on the turn if he checks the flop.


  • Top pair, overcard kicker, and a flush draw . . . excellent.

    WIL WHEATON dot NET: 1.5: October 2004 Archives

  • If I put him on a pair, my odds to beat him are reduced by nearly 10% by the loss of my overcard from the deck.

    The Guardian World News

  • While they're all very strong hands, they can be second-best pre-flop, and especially after the flop if an overcard falls.

    Poker Player Newspaper Online

  • The card not only damages your opponent's hand range, but it strengths yours because many of your unimproved overcard hands have now improved to top pair.

    Noted Poker Authority

  • An overcard is particularly a scare card if you raised preflop and perhaps made a flop continuation bet.

    Noted Poker Authority

  • An overcard would be significantly less scary if, for instance, you had flat-called preflop and checked and called after the flop.

    Noted Poker Authority

  • In a hand that took over 10 minutes he was finally called and only had 1 overcard with two cards to come and didn†™ t get the luck he needed.

    PokerStars Poker Blog

  • In his post-tournament interview, he blamed his inexperience for his demise, but there's not a great deal you can do when you fail to hit flush or straight draws, with an overcard, then run a suited ace into pocket rockets, then collide with a player (Martin) on the maddest run of cards ever seen at an EPT final table.

    PokerStars Poker Blog


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