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  • n. Plural form of overcard.


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  • When you have a pocket pair and bet into two overcards (88 vs. AK) is basically the toss of a coin, roughly a 55/45 advantage to the pocket pair.

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  • Sklansky says that it can start out as a strong hand, but if the flop totally misses you, it can become the dreaded "dominated hand" . . . or it can be two really big overcards that make for a nice semi-bluff, especially if you've raised it before the flop.

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  • January 8, 2006, 2:04 pm texas hold em odds two overcards says:

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  • One hand comes to mind when I got allin with 74s and rivered a straight against pocket Jacks, and another with 76s when I pushed allin on a resteal preflop against katiemother and won a key 40-60 shot against her overcards.

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  • Rationale was I don't think I can fold as it is unlikely that the board hit his hand, don't want to smooth call and allow him to draw at a flush/get a chance to pair overcards/bluff shove turn if any scare card comes and put me to a scary chance.


  • PKODonnell lost nearly half his stack in a pot he ended up folding to Crossroads on fifth street and down to less than two big bets, got it all in on third street vs. PiMaster with three overcards against his buried pair of fives.

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  • Last level, he made a hero call with pocket threes on a paired and straightening board with four overcards.

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  • Not many players could lay down a hand with 21 outs to a flush, straight and two overcards.


  • Again, this is why at the poker table, when a player looks at his hole cards his lips may be full upon seeing a pair of sixes, but then his lips disappear when three overcards come on the fl op.


  • In this case, unless you have a made pair of overcards yourself, your options are to fold, or call the bet and hope that the flop goes your way.

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