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  • adj. Overly centralized or concentrated in authority.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

over- +‎ centralized


  • Northcote Parkinson added that collapses are usually marked by an overcentralized government, heavy taxes, and bureaucracy.


  • He says, "" Too many of their experiences with government have been unpleasant '' because government is "" overcentralized and bureaucratized. ''

    Political Unitarianism

  • They are also fed up with an overcentralized education system that thrives on rote learning, which stifles innovation and creativity.

    The Fall of Athens

  • His economic ideas -- a welfare state and a minimum wage -- struck a chord among some voters, as did his message that an overcentralized government could be harmful.

    A Singapore Hero

  • And what's not properly addressed here is that the response to 9/11 was at least as damaging as the attack itself, and that human civilization is overcentralized.

    The Speculist: There's Always the Space Ark

  • Or perhaps I should say especially to some of today's radicals; for an educational system freed from the need to produce stereotyped units for an industrial-age economy will give a new meaning to the concept of "free enterprise" and challenge the continuing drift toward overcentralized control.


  • The political scientist Samuel Huntington noted in 1968: "In terms of economic growth the only thing worse than a society with a rigid, overcentralized, dishonest bureaucracy is one with a rigid, overcentralized, honest bureaucracy."

    AMERICAN.COM -- A Magazine of Ideas, Online

  • Some countries aren't convinced and are already running for the exit door,, and in doing so exposed the fundamental flaw of any overcentralized political or financial power structure - that it is only as strong as its weakest member.


  • Wen did not bother to use codewords such as "democracy with Chinese characteristics" or "accountability," and he also lashed out at what he cast as the overcentralized and unrestrained system of power in China.

    Chinalyst - China blogs in English

  • We have a greatly overcentralized utility system and a brittle, overstressed grid that is further stressed whenever you make a "big plant" addition.



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