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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of overchill.


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  • A few elderly waiters shuffled back and forth, serving overchilled fruits de mer to B-producers who frowned whenever their pneumatic girlfriends gravitated toward the loftier side of the menu.

    Babylon Nights

  • But opening a clam shack or a rib joint is also a lifestyle choice -- a way to say goodbye to the endless fooling around with pomegranate juice and hand-chiseled rock salt, to the dread of serving an overchilled slice of melon to a food critic.

    G'bye Truffles, Hello Ribs

  • Chilling the base mixture in a sink full of cold water instead of refrigerating itis a trick I invented years ago when I overchilled a mousse mixture -- although I've since see it used by others.

    Key Lime Mousse

  • It makes me feel a bit privileged opening up some nice home-made bit of cooking on those new airlines which don't include a meal in their price, but instead try to sell you overpriced, overchilled sandwiches which the bloke in the seat next to you always seems to purchase without any sort of enjoyment....

    Simple quiche

  • The foie gras is the finest of its type, rich, thick, smoothly packed with goosey entrails, but is has been overchilled and has to be cut with heated knives.

    Hound in the Left-hand Corner, The

  • Digital's minicomputers began showing up everywhere, from labs to offices, turning computers from blinking lights in an overchilled room to that thing over there in the corner. -- Top News

  • There's enormous potential even in missteps like a charred and overchilled baby octopus with white bean puree, olive, and some of those winter tomatoes-I want that again in July.

    Chicago Reader

  • And yet he wouldnt serve me a watery bug-piss overchilled American beer till I'd proven to him that I was actually over the age of 16 - some three or four years younger than my DAUGHTER.

    Bill's Blog


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