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  • adj. Too much civilized.


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over- +‎ civilized


  • In fact, to be overcivilized is to be less civilized because genuine civilization includes a robust willingness to enforce its order and truths on anarchy, violence, murder and superstition.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » 2004 » September

  • As long as we remain overcivilized, anarchy, violence, murder and superstition will continue their sinister recovery — until one day you may think you hear your own mother’s voice [pleading for your life] on the network news.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » 2004 » September

  • The "overcivilized" were wealthy women who spent all of their time indoors and needed C-sections, Newell wrote, because they weren't sturdy and hardy like the poor women who worked in the fields, who were able to get out and exercise, and give birth easily.

    NPR Topics: News

  • I hate to overgeneralize or stereotype people, but the average adult in this country, especially in the urban areas, is an overcivilized wimp.

    Tiny LEGO Gun Spells Big Trouble For Student

  • Another example of how we're becoming "overcivilized."

    Deer Jumps Into Lion Pen at DC Zoo

  • Whether he was trying to compensate for his beloved father, who bought a draft substitute in the Civil War, or because, as he often wrote, he feared that the Anglo-Saxon "race" was becoming "overcivilized" and weak, Roosevelt wanted to test himself in the crucible of battle.

    Why Men Love War

  • And young boys -- as the art history scholar Eric Segal has pointed out -- are either good and scrappy, busy roughhousing at the rural swimming hole, or urban and effeminate and overcivilized, in need of a good, toughening hazing.

    Norman Rockwell exhibit opens at the Smithsonian American Art Museum

  • Another example is Michael Moorcock's "Elric" books, which neatly reversed all the tropes of Robert E. Howard's "Conan" stories: instead of a dark-haired brawny barbarian, we have an effete, overcivilized albino.

    What are the Essential SF Books of the Last 20 Years?

  • I think there are a lot of overcivilized people out there drinking coffee out of a Wedgwood cup.

    Dodge Morgan, first American to circumnavigate globe alone, dies at 78

  • Ever since there were black Americans, whites have tended to hear in their music an authenticity presumably unavailable to the overcivilized.

    It’s a White Thing


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