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  • noun The upper social stratum of society, composed of wealthy and professional people, especially when viewed as controlling society's economic power.

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  • noun A powerful, privileged social class.


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over- +‎ class


  • But I don’t see what good it does to kvetch about the freeloading middle class without addressing why their incomes are so stagnant for so long while the overclass is drowning in cash.

    Matthew Yglesias » SCHIP

  • I'm a part of this so-called overclass -- and so are my bosses and many of my colleagues at NEWSWEEK and elsewhere in the national media.

    Cop-Out On Class

  • If anything, the country today has become more class bound, with the rise of the so-called overclass and a widening gap between rich and poor.

    Hooray For Hypocrisy

  • Based on the popular young-adult book series, Gossip Girl supposedly exposes the seamy underbelly of Manhattan's Upper East Side overclass, which is addled by drugs, sex, and teeming trust funds.

    Lesley M. M. Blume: 15 Going On 50: How Gossip Girl is Killing Youth Culture

  • Among both the very rich - the "overclass" - and the very poor - the "underclass" - the idea of responsibility, duty, patriotism and neighbourliness has been destroyed. - Telegraph online, Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph

  • The edited quote said, "I learned in Washington that there is an 'overclass' in this country stocked with cheating, shifty human beings that's just as morally repugnant as our 'underclass.'"

    June 2006

  • He makes the bullet proof case that the enrichment of the "overclass" is the work of radical "conservatives" who knew at the time that "trickle down" hardly describes the effect of inequitable tax cuts.

    How the CIA Created a Ruling, Corporate Overclass in America

  • The story that Kangas might well have paid for with his life is nothing less than the role played by the CIA in the creation of a permanent ruling "overclass" in America.

    How the CIA Created a Ruling, Corporate Overclass in America

  • I'm not a Webb partisan or enemy, but the full quote is: "an unspoken insinuation seems to be inundating our national debate: Certain immigrant groups have the "right genetics" and thus are natural entrants to the "overclass,"..." etc.


  • But then again, I really shouldn’t have been so surprised, as nearly everyone at the party was part of what the writer Michael Lind calls the overclass, educated at the best universities and earning hundreds of thousands of dollars each year.

    The young Braves are slipping off the Reservation!


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