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  • v. Present participle of overclean.


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  • The lighter and more colorful foundation layers exposed by overcleaning were never meant to be seen in finished pictures.

    Lee Rosenbaum: The Gross Clinic's Startling Restoration: Before-and-After Photos of Eakins' Masterpiece

  • I think that first one illustrates why many Atkinson Grimshaw paintings have been damaged by overcleaning, it would be hard to know how much of the darkness was intentional!

    John Atkinson Grimshaw

  • A knife and fork, which had not been worn out by overcleaning, flanked a cracked delf plate; a nearly empty mustard-pot, placed on one side of the table, balanced a saltcellar, containing an article of a greyish, or rather a blackish mixture, upon the other, both of stone-ware, and bearing too obvious marks of recent service.

    Chapter XLIV

  • Both are masterpieces, but does their present condition reflect their state when bought by Eastlake, or is it the consequence of savage overcleaning by Helmuth Ruhemann in the 1940s?

    Evening Standard - Home

  • A knife and fork, which had not been worn out by overcleaning, flanked a cracked delf plate;

    Guy Mannering

  • An exhibition of his paintings and drawings, some of the highest quality, some not, and some distressed by overcleaning and exposure, now in the gallery of Robilant and Voena, is an opportunity not to be missed - though one may easily miss the gallery.

    Evening Standard - Home

  • Security vendors like to turn up the dial on computer security threats, but the Bleeding Edge blog says if you don’t strike a balance you’ll waste time and end up overcleaning your computer.

    Don’t overclean your PC | Lifehacker Australia

  • Here’s an example of what we call biological budgeting—traditionally, you may have needed the cleanliness of your hair for mating purposes, but you also run the risk of taking it to the extreme by overcleaning or overcoloring, which can damage your hair in the process.

    You Being Beautiful

  • "Soft addictions are those seemingly harmless habits like checking your Facebook page or getting on your e-mail or Internet surfing or watching too much TV or shopping or gossiping or even overcleaning. RSS - home


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