overcompensatory love



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  • adj. Tending to overcompensate; providing excessive compensation.


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  • Maybe there was something overcompensatory about the generation that built them.

    My Wild Irish Woes

  • Well, if you felt like that reaction was ridiculously overcompensatory and likely did almost nothing to make you safer in the skies other than maybe forcing you to rethink flying altogether, get ready -- crap's about to get a whole lot worse.

    Chez Pazienza: The Unfriendly Skies

  • What's the big whoop about men and their overcompensatory-rottweilers that make the whole world stop and say, The bigger, the better?

    Paranoid Pedestrian Ponderings

  • In following this goal he goes to extremes and employs peculiar methods and devices, most of which have for their object the concealment of his defects, and it is these overcompensatory efforts and these peculiar devices resorted to, which go to form the peculiarities or traits of the neurotic.

    The Journal of Abnormal Psychology

  • I suspect that this neuroticism is in part an overcompensatory reaction to my poor ability to focus on work -- an Aspergers-related problem that hasnt really gone away.

    Wrong Planet Asperger / Autism Forums

  • Those who concoct Eagleton-esque arguments unnecessarily overshoot the mark, possibly in an overcompensatory attempt to respond to Dawkins under the auspices of intelligent debate.

    Atheist Blogs Aggregated

  • Someone who she can smother and mollycoddle and fuss over in a generally overcompensatory way, even though at times it’ll make them fantasise about running away because they feel as if they’re trapped in an emotional straitjacket.

    Sandra Bullock Hasn’t Shut Up About Her Baby For Months

  • I went a bit mad with credit cards back in February, and Claire got the classic career mom’s overcompensatory holidays: spring break at Acrosports, then this camp, a science camp in Noe and a Mandarin immersion program over the summer.

    Yatima » 2009 » June

  • So there’s going to be a lot of awkward overcompensatory crowing about contentment, and it’s going to be brutal for everyone.

    Jennifer Aniston Still Not Full Of Babies

  • "I don't know why I ask for my omelets to be made with egg whites only when I know that the calorie offset from no-yolks is diminished to zero with 1) overcompensatory amounts of cooking oil and 2) cheese."

    How a Birthday Month Reset Priorities - The Delicious Life June 2007 in Review


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