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  • adj. Excessively concerned.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

over- +‎ concerned


  • I think our culture is all whacked, and always so overconcerned with winning, to the point that we make competitions out of things where there should be no competition.

    Failure is Underrated

  • Because "Todd" was thoughtful and considerate in his questions for Adam, if a little bit overconcerned and timid, I can tell right off that Todd is an unlikely choice for editorial blacklist, and also, he probably didn't do a single thing "wrong."

    Reject-O-Matic: Why Editors Use Form Rejection Letters

  • Along with their mistrust of others, they are suspicious, hypersensitive, and overconcerned with hidden motives and special meanings.

    The Bass Handbook of Leadership

  • In businesses that overconcerned about cutting costs, the saying is -- "OK, cut it all off -- close down and that will cut costs."

    Archive 2008-03-01

  • The Kreisau group was not overconcerned with ousting the Nazi regime although it was in contact with other groups that were, most especially the “resistance” cell centered on Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg, which mounted the failed July 1944 bomb plot to assassinate Hitler, being more concerned with planning for the reorganization of postwar Germany.

    The Sion Revelation

  • I talked to Mark on Saturday and although dismayed about it, he was not overconcerned.

    Post Endorsement Based On Race

  • Love makes a family, Moral, being overconcerned about ancestry is just more patriarchal bullshit.

    Government Bans Aren’t a Legitimate Way of Avoiding Birth Defects

  • Now it seemed confining to be overconcerned with furnishings.

    The Body

  • TAUSCHER: Well, I think it has to be because if the administration, as Richard Clarke says, wasn't that concerned about terrorism, then -- and was overconcerned about missile defense in Iraq, then we didn't have everyone on watch actually doing what they needed to do to protect us against what was a growing threat certainly in the summer of 2001.

    CNN Transcript Apr 8, 2004

  • But you need not be overconcerned for the simple pastoral creatures of the Galaxy's edge, Captain, said the Master, and there was a slight edge to the amusement in its voice.

    Doctor’s Orders


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