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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of overcover.


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  • I mean, we can talk about -- sure, it can't be overcovered, and we shouldn't make that the whole story, but the anger at those town hall meetings obviously was part of it.

    CNN Transcript Sep 27, 2009

  • Why yet another story about Rockefeller Center, the most overcovered business topic in the United States since Windows 95?

    A Piece Of The Action

  • KURTZ: Well, Rachel Maddow, I would quarrel with the notion that this is a deep obsession, because there's a new Pew poll that says 61 percent of those surveyed say the story is being overcovered, but 11 percent say they're following it very closely.

    CNN Transcript Feb 18, 2007

  • Okay, this is a bit off topic, but I just saw a random session with journalists on channel 11, and they were asked about the "year in review", which stories were overcovered, undercovered, etc, and one writer came up with the Dan Seals campaign!

    Listening to Dan and Mark Kirk on WBBM Radio

  • I also write about my immediate locality Hoboken, but not Manhattan so much - it's kind of overcovered.

    The future of blogs - BatesLine

  • GOLDBERG: Well, frankly, I think This is one of the most overcovered stories of the week.

    CNN Transcript Mar 5, 2004

  • What do you think was the overcovered store of the year 2003?

    CNN Transcript Dec 26, 2003

  • Let's start with Michael Jackson, Kobe Bryant, you know, Jessica Lynch, Laci Peterson, you name it, all of them are overcovered and overexposed this year.

    CNN Transcript Dec 26, 2003

  • Andy, what do you think was the overcovered story of 2003.

    CNN Transcript Dec 26, 2003

  • Each week in our "Overkill" segment, we like to look at a story the media has overcovered.

    CNN Transcript Oct 9, 2003


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