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  • adj. Excessively demanding.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

over- +‎ demanding


  • My close friends and family are beginning to implore me to talk to my overdemanding boss who has taken too many speaking engagements this fall and spring...oh, that would be me.

    Archive 2008-02-01

  • But I'm also interested in the concrete, grungy details of overdemanding fathers who want to hear their daughters say how much they love them.

    Feeling Listless - "Taking the credit for your second symphony."

  • If you are critical and overdemanding of your family, you are probably the same way at work.

    Thinking in the Future Tense

  • The following year, she connected with a great guy, and because she dealt with issues as they arose, she never saw him as overdemanding.

    Why Men Won’t Commit

  • “How about the cutter?” asked Judy, but Guy refused to believe that he could have been betrayed by any of his tiny staff, all of whom had seen how hard he worked, how much he worried and how careful he was not to be overdemanding of them.


  • In addition, some general deviations from involvement propriety were described: overdemanding subordinate involvement; lack of occasioned main involvement; insufficient main involvement; and overinvolvement.

    Behavior in Public Places

  • Your boss, asking for a project to be finished early, may be an overdemanding boor - or just an Asker, who's assuming you might decline.

    Libertarian Blog Place

  • - ESPECIALLY if they were to be expected to give into every pedantic and overdemanding FIFA

    The Roar - Your Sports Opinion

  • He told me to run, which was a little overdemanding for my knee, but I did a good impression of the Hunchback of Notre Damn and jogged crab like behind him.

  • Still, I believe that my basic point holds -- too many Americans work far too hard and long, whether they are high-end workers who do so voluntarily or low-end workers who have it forced on them, either by overdemanding bosses or by economic exigencies.



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