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  • verb Present participle of overdetermine.


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  • And, though some theorists argue that overdetermination is widespread and unproblematic (see Loewer 2002, and also Shaffer, 2003, and Sider 2003, for a more general discussion of overdetermination), others contend that there is a special relation between role and realizer that provides an intuitive explanation of how both can be causally efficacious without counting as overdetermining causes.


  • Not only would God be producing the modes himself but he would also be producing the causal power of the creature that is an overdetermining cause of these modes.


  • And often some combination of models may be necessary, as in cases where both evolutionary influences and our own independent moral reflection might lead to similar judgments, overdetermining them.

    Morality and Evolutionary Biology

  • Now the concurrentist might reply at this point that concurrentists deny overdetermining creaturely causes as well, since their point is that the creature is a concurring cause of the modes of the creature: the causal contribution of neither God nor the creature are redundant, since both are necessary in some manner.


  • If by overdetermination, we take the creature's overdetermining power to be the same type of power as God exercises, then the possession of such powers by creatures can effectively be ruled out.


  • For if the doctrine of creation leaves open the possibility that some other being is overdetermining the existence of the cosmos, then the addition of the claim that such overdetermination has not actually occurred does not completely assuage the concern that God may be only one of multiple supernatural powers in existence.

    Creation and Conservation

  • I think they mean something like putting in so much effort into overdetermining her womanhood that she clearly thinks her genitalia are the most interesting thing about her.

    I missed blogging against sexism! - A Dress A Day

  • Within this paradigm, oral history tended to function as the handmaiden of scholarly discourses that pitted overdetermining structures against alternatively heroic and tragic African actors, and that saw their most urgent goal as explaining postcolonial economic dilemmas whose origins lay in colonial-capitalist exploitation.

    Where Women Make History: Gendered Tellings of Community and Change in Magude, Mozambique

  • He must, then, acknowledge the ˜overdetermining™ dualism of the second horn as an open question.

    Anomalous Monism

  • In other words, the Ontological Principle is an affirmation that banishes any sort of overdetermining cause that affects all other beings without itself, in turn, being affected.

    Larval Subjects .


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