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  • v. To diagnose something more often than it actually occurs


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over- +‎ diagnose


  • The report's royal "we" returns again and again to such questions, claiming that "we overdiagnose, overtreat and overpromise."

    Cancer Care's Rationers

  • I also think that our schools and medical profession tend to overdiagnose certain things like ADD or Autism and it goes in cycles.

    Too Old For This Shit

  • The results of most of them show a tendency for mental health professionals to overdiagnose women's depression and underdiagnose the disorder in men.

    Archive 2009-02-01

  • Also, it's entirely plausible to me that there are shrinks out there who overdiagnose because they think they are actually helping parents and their kids and solving problems.

    Savage autism.

  • Cascades are especially common in medicine as doctors take their cues from others, leading them to overdiagnose some faddish ailments (called bandwagon diseases) and overprescribe certain treatments (like the tonsillectomies once popular for children).

    The low-fat diet cascade | The Blog of Michael R. Eades, M.D.

  • God knows we overmedicate and overdiagnose and ‘just throw drugs at’ everything else, so why not that?

    Dysfunction or Dissatisfaction?

  • Beware the tendency to overdiagnose oneself, since psychological and sexual issues fall along a broad spectrum, and diagnosis is much more complex than healthy-versus-sick.

    Great Sex for Moms

  • And, you know, when we talk about what it is that's taking place politically in this country and what it is that are messages or not messages, I think it's very easy to overdiagnose the political process.

    CNN Transcript Nov 5, 2002

  • Some researchers have tended to overdiagnose manic-depressive illness because they observe patterns of behavior common to both hypomania and normal accomplishment for example, enthusiasm, high energy, and the ability to function with little sleep and then label as manic-depressive anyone displaying these “symptoms.”

    Touched with Fire

  • Warning of a tendency to "overdiagnose, overtreat, and overpromise", they said the medical profession had created a set of "unrealistic expectations" with regard to the disease.

    The Independent - Frontpage RSS Feed


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