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  • adv. In an overdramatic manner.


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  • And now it's been reported that Mel Gibson has entered a booze rehabilitation program or, as his slave Alan Nierob slightly overdramatically put it: He has entered into an ongoing program of recovery.

    Leave Jew-Hating Mel Gibson Alone: His Hollywood Pals

  • The scissor skull thing refers and overdramatically I suspect to late term abortion.

    Think Progress » Limbaugh on Michael J. Fox: ‘I Take Back None of What I Said’

  • [TWICE!] 3. overdramatically ridiculed [dismembered practically] for how i speak.

    pojken Diary Entry

  • Sighing overdramatically, Belinda said, “Fine, the beach, then, as long as I get you out of this damn attic!”


  • You should also realize that to get to the room we were in, one would have had to have passed through the ungodly crowded main room, teeming with goths either overdramatically dancing or frozen in carefully premeditated poses reflecting the trendy darkness in their equally trendy tortured souls.

    bard Diary Entry

  • Alcaren shrugged, almost overdramatically, it seemed to Secca.

    The Shadow Sorceress

  • Each summer evening at eight-thirty a "History Began Here" recording overdramatically blared out facts and figures, spotlights playing on pertinent Giza monuments, while tourists sat huddled en masse on folding chairs.

    From This Beloved Hour

  • Nelsen went into the office, his fists clenched overdramatically.

    The Planet Strappers

  • Photos can change lives, I will boldly, idealistically, perhaps overdramatically say - photos of people talking about what makes them smile or, maybe more importantly, photos taken before and after cleft lip and / or palate repair.


  • I almost don't hate A-holette when she's being proactive, not insanely overdramatically reactive.

    Television Without Pity


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