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  • noun The state of being overeducated.


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  • You could call that "overeducation," or you could call it one more instance of "people constantly creating these real unnecessary neurotic problems for themselves that keep them from dealing with more terrifying unsolvable problems about the universe," or you could call it something else.

    This Recording

  • SEOUL—On a recent afternoon, Jung Doo-gil walked into an after-school academy with a hidden camera in her purse in search of a peculiar type of wrongdoing: overeducation.

    Studying Too Much Is a New No-No in Upwardly Mobile South Korea

  • I tried to explain that overeducation is more of an issue in the US epidemiologists are desperately needed in Germany, on the other hand but I'm not sure he believed it.

    Archive 2007-06-01

  • What it may actually reflect is the overeducation of doctors.

    Archive 2004-08-01

  • What it may actually reflect is the overeducation of doctors.


  • The overeducation of the poor is a heartless thing.

    As A Chinaman Saw Us Passages from his Letters to a Friend at Home

  • The curse of modern child life in America is overeducation, overconfinement, overrestraint.

    Civics and Health

  • Above all, the question for us is not whether the sexual overeducation may have certain pleasant side effects: we ask only how far it succeeds in its intended chief effect of improving morally the social community.

    Psychology and Social Sanity

  • That in one and another way the cruel competition for the dollar, the new and exacting habits of business, the racing speed which the telegraph and railway have introduced into commercial life, the new value which great fortunes have come to possess as means towards social advancement, and the overeducation and overstraining of our young people, have brought about some great and growing evils, is what is now beginning to be distinctly felt.

    Wear and Tear or, Hints for the Overworked

  • Obama's overeducation has left him with an "ivory tower" outlook, Rush charges.

    Chicago Reader


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