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  • v. Present participle of overenunciate.


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  • Remember overenunciating, making her repeat it, how she pretended to gag, pulling the covers over her head before finally reaching one hand out to wave her underwear … white, a flag of surrender.

    Hollywood Savage

  • “Ignore him,” she would say slowly and deliberately, as if overenunciating the words would help her advice penetrate my thick six-year-old skull this time.

    With Love and Laughter, John Ritter

  • Annette Bening's beleaguered magazine executive rallies all their gal pals around the cause, a troupe that includes Debra Messing's supernaturally fertile, flighty soccer mom and Jada Pinkett Smith's overenunciating, alcoholic lesbian novelist.

    www.philadelphiaweekly.com Philadelphia Weekly

  • "They are homeschooled," I said, overenunciating the last word and speaking loudly as though she were hard of hearing.


  • He wasn’t at the point where he was slurring his speech, but he was overenunciating and blinking a lot.


  • Emery,” he said, leaning over her and overenunciating right into her face, “hang on until you get there.

    The Little Lady Agency and the Prince

  • “Even if it’s embarrassing,” she said, overenunciating.


  • “Jim,” Picard said loudly, overenunciating each word so that at the very least, Kirk could read his lips through his faceplate, “I don’t believe these suits are safe.”

    Captain’s Peril

  • I know what I'm doing, but there's only so much you can do when Verizon's "automated technician" finally accesses your fully plugged-in and turned-on modem whose DSL light is blinking and whose internet light is completely off, and cancels your technician call because to them, it's apparently "working" (I wish nothing but the worst of worldly horrors upon the man or woman who thought up the idea of that computer voice that you have to talk to because a real person cannot be bothered to do so - the same computer voice that misunderstands about 62\% of what you say because you're either not speaking clearly enough because you're frothing at the mouth or are sarcastically overenunciating because you're pissed off).



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