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  • v. Present participle of overexercise.


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  • But the messages the teacher drilled into the class -- cut back on "unhealthy" foods like dessert, don't eat dietary fat, get as much exercise as possible -- helped tip her over the edge into the restricting and overexercising that nearly killed her.

    Harriet Brown: Where the Fight Against Child Obesity Can Go Very, Very Wrong

  • Many years of misusing food, overexercising, overworking, using drugs/alcohol.

    Women Food and God

  • She should exercise some restraint because overexercising can produce inflammation-generating free radicals.

    Forever Young

  • It is important to note that overexercising can further put us into a catabolic state, in which complex molecules are broken down into simpler ones.

    Forever Young

  • Burdened with low self-esteem, and often suffering from depression, they may binge eat to fill their internal emptiness, until they are overwhelmed with guilt and pain from overeating and turn to purging behaviors such as vomiting, laxatives, and overexercising.

    Binge Breeding

  • In the U.S., the toil is starvation, overexercising, and vomiting -- living a life mediated by the bathroom scale.

    Trisha Gura: The Things They Eat for Love

  • If neither is the case, and this goes on into a second or third month, it could be a warning that you've lost too much weight, are overexercising or have gone into premature menopause.

    Menstrual Mysteries

  • I have questioned the wisdom of eating every few hours, continuing to exercise with injuries and overexercising.

    Inflammation and diet | The Blog of Michael R. Eades, M.D.

  • Twenty-seven percent of women admit to overexercising in front of others to impress them.


  • FLISS: Just a lot of overexercising, a lot of dieting, restricting what I ate and purging whatever I did eat.

    CNN Transcript Oct 11, 2006


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