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  • v. To expand to an excessive or unwise degree


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

over- +‎ expand


  • Michael Stravato for Wall Street Journal Systemax now has 34 CompUSA stores and vows not to overexpand.

    Web Breathes New Life Into Failed Retailers

  • DeMille began to expand the studio, then began to overexpand it.

    Empire of Dreams

  • Ant colonies have good years and bad ones, but they don't, as a rule, overexpand out of reckless greed and then collapse in economic crisis.

    Don’t Forget the Owls

  • Retailers are particularly vulnerable in the current downturn after a decade of buoyant consumer spending, which encouraged them to overexpand and overborrow.

    Wave of Bankruptcy Filings Expected From Retailers in Wake of Holidays

  • In a way it is this carefulness not to overexpand too quickly that should help protect the industry, which has a long, collective memory of crises reaching back two centuries.

    Style: Timing Is Everything

  • This limits the degree to which the bullet can mushroom and ensures that it does not overexpand and come flying apart.

    David E.

  • What they needed to do was build the fan base, but no, they overexpand and run the league out of money. - Dear National Hockey League ...

  • Too little leavening will leave it flat and dense, while too much will cause the batter to overexpand and collapse into a coarse structure with a harsh flavor.

    On Food and Cooking, The Science and Lore of the Kitchen

  • "Bonita Bay tried to overexpand and heavily overleveraged to take advantage of the boom cycle," said Jack McCabe, a housing expert and CEO of Deerfield Beach-based McCabe Research and Consulting. Stories

  • The ability of banks to extend credit should be limited; without limits, or with loose limits, banks encourage the economy to overexpand, leading to recessions, and occasional depressions.

    The Aleph Blog


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