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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of overfatigue.


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  • I've been attending fewer panels than usual--at the moment, I'm on track to see five or six over the conference's three days--but as usual some have been good, some bad, and others might have been good had their papers been better delivered or I not undercaffeinated, overfatigued, or wedged into a hot, crowded room with a whirring exhaust system.

    Ferule & Fescue

  • When you overdo, you will lose momentum by incurring injury or pain, or getting overfatigued.


  • "Excuse this intrusion, Monsieur," he said lightly, "her ladyship is overfatigued and would be best in her room."

    The Elusive Pimpernel

  • Insomnia and headache are usually symptoms of this overfatigued, or poisoned, condition, and should both be regarded and treated as symptoms by the removal of their causes,

    Preventable Diseases

  • In his nervous and overfatigued state, added to his susceptibility to quick hypnosis, he was now directly under the influence of Captain Clinton's stronger will, directing his weaker will.

    The Third Degree A Narrative of Metropolitan Life

  • Chloe obeyed, and an hour later Elsie met her father in the breakfast-room so glad, so gay, so bright, that his heart swelled with joy and pleasure in his child, and all fears that she had overfatigued herself vanished from his mind.

    Elsie's Womanhood

  • At this stage I noticed that the guarantee of my practical control given by the general management was not altogether made in good faith, and in the face of the growing complaint on all sides against being overfatigued I decided 'to demand the return of my score' as they called it; that is to say, to dispense with the production of the opera.

    My Life — Volume 2

  • A woman can get very much overfatigued at one time and have the impression of the fatigue so strongly on her nerves that the next time she is only a little tired she will believe she is very tired, and so her life will go until the habit of being tired has been formed in her nerves and she believes that she is tired all the time -- whereas if the truth were known she might easily feel rested all the time.

    Nerves and Common Sense

  • "When only one brain-centre works, it becomes overfatigued much more easily than if the functions were alternately performed by the various centres.

    Making Both Ends Meet The income and outlay of New York working girls

  • "You must not try to keep up, dear ladies, when you are overfatigued and ill.

    Molly Brown's Orchard Home


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