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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of overgraze.


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  • The once-forested region had been logged, swept by repeated fires, overgrazed by dairy cows, and left barren.

    Utah Lawmaker: Just Vote No to Wolves

  • Others decided to take their cattle to Tsavo West National Park, but they have been experiencing serious clashes with the park authorities, who are trying to prevent the pastures of the national park from being overgrazed by cattle, leaving the ground bare.

    Global Voices in English » Kenya: Devastating Drought Worsens Human-Wildlife Conflict

  • Speeding regenerationMetzger says holistic herding can also speed the regeneration of badly overgrazed soils in just three to four years, compared to the decades it can take if the land is simply left fallow.

    US Cattle Farmers Adopt Eco-Friendly Methods

  • The director says he had misgivings about wading into the overgrazed field of Beatles history, but found his root theme in the lead guitarist's spiritual quest.

    A Flock of Rock Docs

  • The land was a section, 640 acres, a square mile of riparian shrubs and cottonwood, some wetland areas during June high water, sage flats and a lot of weedy overgrazed pasture.

    Bird Cloud

  • They like overgrazed pasture which no doubt makes Wyoming attractive to them.9 Their hind claws are very long.

    Bird Cloud

  • The habitat at the top of the cliff was very different than at the base—grassland steppe, though overgrazed, showed a diversity of sedges and grasses.

    Bird Cloud

  • Grass can only replenish at a certain rate so the pasture is ruined if overgrazed by enough cattle.


  • Shepherds pie is very popular in certain bleak and overgrazed parts of Wyoming.

    Think Progress » Air Force sergeant discharged under DADT after police see her marriage license and out her to the military.

  • Economically they survived by grazing sheep on already overgrazed, dry, and rapidly eroding hillsides, and by growing wheat and potatoes when there was enough rain.

    How the West Was Wired


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