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  • v. Present participle of overgraze.
  • n. Excessive grazing to an extent that the land is damaged.


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  • Now that wolves are back, the overgrazing is being limited and trees are once again able to grow to that critical height.

    Do you think that the long term ecological damage caused by exterminating predators or holding them well below their natural pop

  • In my view, the Fed on the whole acts very cautiously when establishing Federal land use, and to some degree (such as overgrazing in New Mexico) not strongly enough.

    Bush Administration v. Environmental Groups

  • Nonetheless, Yamal Nenets are currently showing signs of stress adapting to the recent barrage of simultaneous changes in their homeland – from health and demography [3] to questions of land tenure [4] and increasingly severe "overgrazing", predation, and poaching on reindeer pastures [5].

    Climate change impacts on the Yamal Nenets of northwest Siberia

  • Fragmentation of remaining habitat via subdividing large tracts into more marketable "ranchettes" leads to other degrading factors such as overgrazing, exotic plant expansion, lack of fire as a natural or prescribed process, and modification of local hydrological features by means of land leveling.

    Western Gulf coastal grasslands

  • Sustainable land use can address human activities such as overgrazing, overexploitation of plants, trampling of soils, and unsustainable irrigation practices that exacerbate dryland vulnerability.

    Ecosystems and Human Well-being~ Desertification Synthesis~ Key Questions on Desertification in the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment

  • Impacts of human activities (such as overgrazing or soil salinization) and climatic variables (such as interannual variabil­ity in rainfall and drought events) on vegetation productivity are difficult to distinguish.

    Ecosystems and Human Well-being~ Desertification Synthesis~ Key Questions on Desertification in the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment

  • Most of those apparently harmless acts were minor, gradual, routine; even the larger uses of the land - such as overgrazing or tilling the fields - were so common that no one thought twice about them.


  • Jets fly low over the area on an almost daily basis, livestock is impounded by the Bureau of Indian Affairs on the pretense that resisters are "overgrazing" the land, and, due to the special Bennet Freeze clause of P. L.93-531 (which foresaw the possibility of a resistance) Dine people living on what is now Hopi Partitioned Land cannot legally upgrade their housing (i.e. repair a hole in their roof during the winter) without facing the threat of arrest because they no longer legally own the property their families have lived on for centuries.

    - Front Page

  • But it also meant the cow/calf pairs were relocated frequently to prevent overgrazing.

    Mercy Kill

  • The Cosgriffs developed a reputation for always coming out on top, fencing in government land adjacent to their purchased sections, and overgrazing the national forest lands.

    Bird Cloud


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